What is krispy kreme birthday reward ?


Krispy Kreme is the world's leading doughnut chain. They provide a variety of doughnuts in different flavors. Among all the doughnut flavors, krispy kreme has a special one for every person's birthday. Krispy Kreme birthday reward is a special treat available exclusively for krispy kreme birthdays. You will receive a special gift for your birthday. How to get krispy kreme birthday reward? Just log on the official website of krispykreme.com, click on the "MyBirthday" tab, then click on "rewards". The website will direct you where to find a Krispy Kreeeecchhhhhhhhhh Kreme stamp card. This card will have a code to get your reward and is only available online. Krispy Kreme birthday reward is a special reward that is only available on your birthday. Some rewards are given randomly, and others are given specifically for your birthday. The type of reward usually depends on the number of birthdays you have had with Krispy Kreme.